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Our story starts from the small village of Credaro, located in the northern province of Bergamo, Italy, where a man by the name of Egidio Signorelli took over a small coffee bar. Egidio’s passion for the hospitality business was passed down to his three sons, Armando, Carlo, and Luigi, who all pursued careers as chefs and eventually went on to set up their own restaurants.

In the late 1960s, Armando met Angela while working in Switzerland. Their love blossomed, and it eventually took them to Colchester, England, where they opened the first Signorelli Pizzeria in the early 1970s. Luigi, the youngest of the three brothers, visited Colchester regularly in the 70s and 80s, providing support to his brother whenever he could.

In 1992, Luigi decided to sell his restaurants and move with his family from Telagate, Italy, to Colchester to start a new life. The Signorelli family’s pizzeria business would then find a home on North Hill, Colchester, occupying a small insurance shop, where they would remain for many years to come, providing delicious pizzas to the local community and even to the school friends of the family.

Although the youngest son, who grew up in the restaurant business, opted against pursuing a career in hospitality, he eventually found himself drawn back to his roots after pursuing an education and a corporate career. After 11 years in the corporate world, he handed in his notice and started his own business, Signorelli’s Deli, in Cambridge on Burleigh Street.

The plan was simple: to bring authentic Italian produce to the UK with a unique twist. The deli would allow customers to enjoy the same produce used in their pizzas and dishes, providing a taste of Italy in the UK. And so, the Signorelli family’s legacy continues to this day, with their passion for hospitality and authentic Italian cuisine inspiring new generations of restaurateurs.

At Signorelli’s Deli, we bring a taste of Italy to Cambridge. We are dedicated to producing fresh and authentic Italian cuisine, made with only the highest-quality ingredients.

Our specialities features a mouth-watering selection of traditional pizza and focaccia, baked to perfection in our oven. We also offer a variety of Italian desserts that are sure to delight your sweet tooth.

At Signorelli’s Deli, we are committed to keeping our ingredients fresh and our quality high. From sourcing the finest imported Italian ingredients to handcrafting each dish with care, we take great pride in our food and in our customers’ satisfaction.

Visit us today and experience the taste of Italy in the heart of Cambridge. Buon appetito!

Our in-house bakery offers freshly made pizzas, bread, Pasticcini. We also have a large selection of Italian cured meats and cheeses from small independent farms. 

Our additional wine corner offers consumers a chance to taste, drink and purchase our fine wines selection as well as our Italian craft beer.

Come and find us at all our locations!


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